Thursday, March 7th

The Salvation Army leading a fun tambourine dance!

The Salvation Army leading a fun tambourine dance!

"We Are Marching In the Light of God"

“We Are Marching In the Light of God”

Got up early again this morning to make it to the Worship Service prepared by the Salvation Army.  It was quite peppy 🙂  lots of music!

After worship I went to go get a quick breakfast with Courtney and then made it back in time for the Advocacy meeting.

Working on the draft document in the advocacy meeting.

Working on the draft document in the advocacy meeting.

Here we went through the draft document (the working document that each country adds or subtracts what they would like to see in the agreed conclusions).  Our job was to look at the document and see where different countries are agreeing with Ecumenical Women’s points and where they are differing.  It was interesting to have to think about all sorts of different things (why might certain countries be adding or subtracting or wording in different ways?).  I was able to join a small group who went to speak to the head negotiator for Canada at 1:00 p.m.  We were able to share the points that were important to our group and ask them to stand firm on issues that we believe in.  It was a very interesting experience, I enjoyed it 🙂



I also stopped by the Unicef gift shop and found an Alabaster Nativity!  I was excited because 1) I like Nativities and 2) It was made of Alabaster, which would be a great reminder of the Young Adult’s Worship Service that I was a part of on Monday morning that focused on the woman who annointed Jesus with ointment in an Alabaster jar.

My Alabaster Nativity

My Alabaster Nativity












At 2:30 I went to a Parallel Event called “Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls in Afghanistan – 2014 and Beyond” put on by the Women’s UN Report Network.  The panel of speakers shared a variety of stories of girls and women in Afghanistan and we also got to see a few video interviews with girls who had experienced severe physical violence in their lives.  They spoke about the Taliban and their fear that things may change again after 2014.  It was a very interesting Parallel Event.


One thought on “Thursday, March 7th

  1. The Alabaster Nativity is so incredibly meaningful! Wow!
    I spoke with one of my colleagues at Whitworth University yesterday. She has taught history and gender studies. I told her what you were doing, Jaime, and she asked more and more questions. As I continued describing your work at the UN these two weeks–she teared up and said, “Thank her for us. Thank her profoundly for the work she is doing on behalf of all of us. Let her know that other women are grateful for her willingness to represent us.” It was a very meaningful exchange. She hopes she can meet you when you come to visit next time!

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