Tuesday, March 5th

On Tuesday morning Ridgley, Courtney, and I had to get to the CCUN at 7:30 again because we were a part of the Presbyterian Women worship service.  The theme for the service was “The Woman Caught in Adultery”.

After worship I went to a Parallel Event called “Stop the Tide: Tackling Adolescent Dating Violence”.  The first speaker was Amy Rustan who works for the U.S. State Department Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.  She spoke about the trafficking of young teens within the United States through the use of social media.  The next speaker was a young woman with World Girl Guides who spoke about using her experience with bullying to teach young girls about violence against women.  We did an interactive activity where we were asked to identify pictures as an image of a healthy relationship or an unhealthy relationship.  I had to leave early because I needed to meet my small group for lunch.

After lunch I attended a Side Event Called “UN Heads of Agencies On Eliminating and Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls” in the North Lawn Building of the UN.  I wasn’t quite sure what the event was going to be, but was excited to

UN Heads of Agencies Side Event

UN Heads of Agencies Side Event

see Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon at the front of the room!  Around him were the Director of UN Women, the Director of Unicef, The Director of UNESCO, and the Director of UNFPA.  It was a very interesting event – they spoke about what each of the agencies within the United Nations was doing to prevent and eliminate violence against women.  It was encouraging to hear of steps that are already in place in several of the UN agencies within their scope of work.

I will tell you more once I can find my notes on that…

Yep!  That's the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon!  I was excited...

Yep! That’s the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon! I was excited…

At 4:30 p.m. I went to a Parallel Event called “Prevention and Protection of Sexually Exploited Girls in Immigrant Communities in the U.S.” put on by ECPAT-USA.  This was a very interesting panel of speakers who spoke to us about several different aspects of violence against immigrant populations.  The first speaker worked for an organization that worked with unaccompanied children who are undergoing deportation proceedings.  Often these children have been brought across the border and are being held by immigration.  Because of their illegal status they are not appointed an attorney, so this organization works to help get attorneys for these children.  The second speaker works in Singapore to find and help foreign workers who are being forced to work and being sexually exploited.  Both of these women reminded us that women and girls often have a hard time asking for help because of fear of being sent home, which may be more dangerous for them.  The third speaker works with immigrant populations within New York City, women from Asia who have been trafficked.  She works with these women to help them learn skills, gain self esteem, and give them a role within society, and help them with any legal issues.  The final speaker works with the US Government in the area of trafficking.

After the 4:30 parallel event I came back to the PC(USA) office and wrote my weekend blogs and ordered dinner from Curry and Curry.  We had a great debrief meeting in Jackie’s room at 9pm and then we went to bed!  We were exhausted.  I wanted to include some pictures from what I did yesterday.


One thought on “Tuesday, March 5th

  1. Thank you so much for the efforts to include pictures. It helps me feel like I’m there with you–which is so powerful. thanks!

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