Sunday, March 3rd

On Sunday we got up early to head down to The First Presbyterian Church of New York.  The church building was beautiful and the congregation was full of young families!  The sermon was so applicable to the theme of our week, the pastor speaking about the idea of “seeing others” and that Jesus “sees us” through all of the mess that we are.  And to top it all off – F. Murray Abraham ( was the Lay Reader!  It was great.

We went out to a burger place for lunch and then headed uptown to the National Council of Churches office to work with other young women who are a part of the Ecumenical Women.  Using the theme of The Woman Who Anoints Jesus in Bethany.  We did a contextual Bible study and came up with the title “Breaking the Jar” for the worship service we were supposed to lead on Monday morning.  We divided up tasks and the young women from PC(USA) were put in charge of the scripture reading.  We chose to read the text with a series of tableaus in the background.  It was a long evening of practice – but our hard work paid off and it looked great!

Sunday night we went to Ali Baba’s Turkish Restaurant near our hotel on 34th.  It was delicious!


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