Rural and Minority Women

Here is the third Statement.  Please let me know your thoughts.

We must pay particular attention to the needs of rural and minority populations and improve their access to resources and services.

– Rural and minority populations within states often experience particular difficulties in addressing violence due to their geographical and relational isolation from positions and centers of power.  This affects their ability to access resources and services such as education and information.

– The needs of rural and minority populations are often forgotten or ignored by those in power, and in worst case scenarios the powerful exploit members of rural and minority populations.  Minority and geographically remote populations are often removed from centers where resources and services are found, such as schools, community centers, shelters, clinics/hospitals, police departments, courts and detention centers.  Such isolation may result in alienation and a willingness to turn to violence.  it may also leave individuals feeling they will not be caught and thus encourage lawlessness.

– Cultural stereotypes may associate certain populations with violence, to the extent that it is considered normal behavior and thus no intervention is made.  Issues of legal jurisdiction as in the case of some indigenous groups, may prevent law enforcement from being able to prosecute perpetrators.

– All people, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or location within a state, have the right to access basic resources and services, such as nutritious food, water, education, transportation, medical care and information.  Creating and supporting programs that support these rights, especially for rural and minority women and girls, will strengthen communities and promote the well being of all people.  

I am leaning towards choosing the last point in this statement as the one I will be advocating for.  Would love to hear your thoughts.  


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