Education against Violence

Alright folks…on to the next statement:

Education is a vital part of the change process, especially societal change.  Education must incorporate men and boys alongside women and girls.  

– Education for all members of society is fundamental in preventing violence.  This includes equal access to education for girls and boys, women and men, and socialization through education about appropriate behavior between females and males.  

– While education is considered a basic human right, reports indicate that high rates of illiteracy persist, especially among rural women and girls.  Lack of access to education hinders the ability of women and girls to engage in development and income-generating activities for their families and is a form of violence against women and girls. 

– Education is a key factor for learning about the human rights of each individual – rights which call for respect, equal treatment and dignity.  It is important to educate women on their rights, so that they may be empowered to speak out for themselves.  We especially recognize that violence against women and girls is often considered a “women’s issue”, but is in fact a societal issue.  In order to tackle the roots of gender based violence, all sectors of society must work together.  

I’ll head into the city on Friday the 1st – starting to look at what to pack – and starting to get excited!


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